Announce, Share, Get Reviews

Share important news or announcements via our beautifully designed, highly noticeable, and easy to manage Announcements Management System

  • Automated and Pre-scheduled Announcements
  • Quick and easy communication
  • Reduced emails 
  • Complete control over data
  • Intuitive dashboard for organizational insights

Share important information, news, alert, make company-wide announcements from any device- laptop, desktop, or mobile phones.


Pre-schedule notifications for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. 

Mobile-friendly UI that anticipates needs and ensures ease of access, comprehension, and use, thus maximizing the user experience. 

Send custom notifications by adjusting font size, background color, scrolling speed, etc. 

 Share HD Videos, Images, HTML/Quick Text Assets, Calendar Assets across the organization without any trouble.

Communicate effectively with images and videos, conduct polls and surveys, share documents, and informative content. 

Our cloud-based notice board keeps your mailbox clutter-free. It increases the readability of your messages and curbs the risk of your messages going to spam.

The announcements feature offers you the flexibility to convey specific messages to a specific group of people.

You can define weekly slots, monthly slots, or pre-program notifications for special occasions, thus ensuring that you never forget wishing people on their special days. 

Convert your announcements management system into a readymade broadcast channel to send messages, make announcements, share valuable content, and appreciate your employees. 

Easy to use and navigate dashboard for managing multiple HR activities such as performance management, employee engagement, payroll management, time and attendance management, etc.

Send timely reminders to your workforce to actively participate in surveys or polls, or other HR activities to ensure maximum workforce engagement. 


Keep your workforce updated and informed so that it doesn’t feel left out. Our notice board helps deliver important messages to the entire team in no time. Foster a collaborative work environment by enabling open and honest communication via our robust employee engagement solutions. 

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